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September 9, 2008 - 19 Responses

This site is an opportunity to  share with Jessica that she is in your thoughts and what those thoughts are with her and her team, her family and friends. Feel free to come back often and write in as she goes through this challenging time.

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Where Jessica is at…

September 9, 2008 - 6 Responses

Health Updates Posted Here:

Sept. 14 – Jessica gets married. She is beautiful and happy.

Sept. 25 – Went in for surgery for a double mastectomy and reconstruction.

Sept. 26 – Recovering in Hospital. Survived a rough night.

Sept. 27 – Recovering in Hospital

Sept. 28 – Recovering in Hospital, planning the return home. Jessica is home.

Sept. 29 – Resting at home. Enjoyed Rosh Hashanah dinner.

Oct. 2 – first post-op Dr. office visit. Jessica has been counting the minutes for this moment all week.

Oct. 6 – Follow up with the reconstruction surgeon. Jessica is healing beautifully and ready for chemo.

Oct. 8 – Meeting with a wig master and oncologist to get her chemo schedule.

wig tryouts

wig tryouts

Oct. 9 – Team Jessica has raised $1222 for Making Strides. Help us raise more by clicking on the link below.

Oct.10- 2 weeks post surgeries

back on the bike 10 days after surgery

Oct. 12 – Jessica enjoyed an amazing dinner at Frankies 457 in Carroll Garden’s with Jason, Eric, Caitlin, Sarah and Seneca.

Oct. 13 – Team Jessica has raised $1897 for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Join the team donate here: use this link to visit my personal page

Oct. 14 – Tasting at Gemma, Bowery Hotel.

Heads up!

We are dollars from being in the top 10 teams for Making Strides against Breast Cancer BROOKLYN. Help us represent Team Jessica! Event this Sunday, the honor of our prestige timeless:

To join us and to donate now, use this link to visit my personal page.

Oct. 15 – Jessica goes back to work

Team Jessica is on the map! We made it with your help to the top ten fundraising teams. Please help us reach our goal of 5k:
2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl) Top Teams

1 – Preferred Health Partners
2 – GiRLs gone WALKING
3 – Team Hope – Gerritsen Beach
4 – Coney Island Striders
5 – Patti and Sarah’s Girls
6 – Team Jane Brody
7 – Team Gail
8 – The Tender Hearts
10 – Team Jessica

2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl)

Oct. 16 – First chemo. This round of chemo will be administered for 3 hours in the afternoon. The hardest day will be 2 days after, so Saturdays. This session lasts until Thanksgiving. Then the chemo is for an hour once a week.

Team Jessica rises to number 6 in fundraising with almost $4,800! Help get us to our goal of 5k:

Team Jessica

We did it! In the top 5 and passed our goal of 5k! Go Team Jessica!

Oct. 17 – With 48 donors we have raised 5.8K. Thank you! Still time to donate for the walk this Sunday. Click the link below.

Oct. 18 – Resting comfortably at home with the Rabinowitzs and Blues smelling baked butternut squash that will be made into a nice comfort soup. Naseaous all the same.

Jessica, Jason, Irene and Lauren on the first Saturday after the first chemo, Oct. 18.

Within striking distance of our 8k goal for the breast walk tomorrow. Help us get there:

use this link to visit my personal page

Made it! Surpassed 8K!!! Team #4:

2007 MSABC Icon (15pxl) Top Teams
1 – Preferred Health Partners
2 – GiRLs gone WALKING
3 – Coney Island Striders
4 – Team Jessica

Oct. 19 – American Cancer Society’s Making Strides: walked the walk with Team Jessica a team of 12 representing many. The day was beautiful and brisk. Jessica was able to walk with us part of the way and returned home to rest. Thousands of people were there, a very impressive turnout considering this happened over several burroughs. We finished in the top 5 teams of fundraising and Jessica was one of the top 10 fundraisers. Thank you for your contributions and support. Go Team Jessica!

A link for other photos via flickr courtesy of Irene Rabinowitz:


To join us and to donate now, use this link to visit my personal page.

Courageously standing in front of an open fridge after days of heinous nausea, Oct. 21.

From Jessica in regards to her first chemo:

Friday after Chemo #1- feeling good, worked 9-5pm, with a few ripples of nausea

Saturday after Chemo #1- feeling tired and a little wacky from the anti-nausea drugs, nausea manageable, back-ache from white-cell booster shot

Sunday after Chemo #1-  Nausea and fatigue still manageable, but increasing

Monday after Chemo #1- Nausea and medications making me feel bonkers! New medication prescribed, relief in site!

Tuesday after Chemo#1- Returning to normal, nausea at a ripple, eating more, back to work tomorrow. Thank you to my support crew, you know who you are……..

Oct. 26 Post Brunch Kiss Pre-Bike Ride Home

Oct. 27 – PostOp Follow Up with Surgeon. All is healing nicely, will take a break from tweaking until December.

Oct. 29 –

Oct. 30 – 2nd chemo, a tough one because hair may fall out soon. Had a nice afternoon chatting with old friends in the chemo room

This is what chemo can look like, Oct. 30, 2008

Nov. 4 – losing hair, winning Obama.

3 generations of Blue girls.

3 generations of Blue girls

Nov. 13 – 3rd chemo


Jessica's new do


Momma Blue in the wig


Amanda, younger sister, in the wig


Jason in the wig

Kugel in the wig.

Kugel in the wig.

Jason as John Lennon, Jessica as Sinead.

Jason as John Lennon, Jessica as Sinead.

modern love

modern love

Jessica rocking the wig.

Jessica rocking the wig.

Nov. 26 – 4th chemo, 1st round complete! New form of chemo starts in 2 weeks.

Nov. 27 – was able to enjoy Thanksgiving with my man and my parents. Got to eat too!

December 11- new round of chemo starts, now every week for an hour until mid-february.

December 25 – From Jessica:

Hello all,
It has been a while since I have blogged, so here it goes- I just had my 3rd weekly chemo treatment yesterday, 9 more to go. I will be done 2/26/09 and i am counting the days. Fortunately this round of chemo is not as debilitating as the first, no nausea, hooray! The main side effect is that i am overtired, which in my world also means a bit on the crabby side. I am still working at Planned Parenthood 4 days a week and tend to feel at my best when feeling busy and useful. Work is still very rewarding overall, which seems to be a large part of the cure for what ails me.

Other parts of my cure include my amazing husband, who has been absorbing the brunt of my crabbiness along with cooking and just overall always being loving and the ultimate sweetheart.

After almost 6 months of being at our side, my mom went back to California and we definitely miss her in many, many, many ways. The good food, the cleaning, the compassion and care, just to name a few. But thankfully she will be back in January along with my dad and we are grateful and ready. I know it might be nice for Jason to get a break from being my end-all-be-all source for sustenance and moodiness.

The Rabinowitz’s (Jeffrey,Irene, and Lauren) have been a key component as well. Whether its bringing over a fresh batch of potato latkas or fixing our leaky roof, they are on-call support system, ready at a moment’s notice, always with a smile and heaps of hugs.

Thank you to all of you for keeping me in your thoughts during this looooooong and crappy process. The emails, phone calls, gifts and shout-outs are all very helpful. Forgive me for my sometimes lack of response, but know it all helps a ton.

Well, Jason and I are having the ultimate Jewish christmas- Chinese food and a movie! Hope all of you have a happy holiday. I am looking forward to saying goodbye and frankly good riddance to 2008. Can’t wait for 2009- cancer free and with hair!

Sending lots of love to you all.

Jessica and Jason

Please enjoy the pics of a suprise thanksgiving visit from an Allman brother or is it Anne Ramsey (throw momma from the train/ Goonies). Also a pic of me and super friend JP who shaved her noggin in solidarity.


Dad rocking the wig

Dad rocking the wig

Jess & JP

Jess & JP

Jan. 4 –

Jessica and Jason’s birthday serenade to her older sister, Caitlin:

January 13 – Jessica’s Birthday

Feb. 9 – going wig free! Got a 5 o’clock shadow head.

Friday, Feb. 13 – Update from Jessica:
So after 5 loooooooooooooooong months the chemo chapter is finally nearing its end. After 14 treatments, I have 2 more to go! If all goes well (knock on wood), my last treatment will be thursday February 26th.

In even more exciting news, my hair is starting to grow back! I have a little more than a 5 o’clock shadow which has made me feel comfortable living life without a wig or hair prosthetic (as the wig guy likes to call it). A few weeks ago I was Yul Brynner, now I am GI Jane. I have gotten some very mixed reviews for my new look look. Those who don’t know I have cancer have asked me some pretty interesting things, like: “Are you a Buddhist now?”, “Are you a boy or a girl?”, “Why did you shave your head? It looked good before, now you look like you joined the marines”.

The people who know that i have cancer have responded in a couple of different ways. For example, the majority have replied, ” You look great!”  “What’s up Sinead!”  “It must feel so freeing”,  which had made me feel so supported and loved. So thank you!  Then there are many who for whatever reason, fear perhaps, have chosen to now ignore my existence, ie: talking over my head, to the periphery, or acting as if i am ghost. I know my presence can bring up a lot of mixed emotions for people. Perhaps they are afraid of knowing the “right” thing to say or having cancer now overtly in their midst just plain ol’ scares them.  For those people, i must say, in order to protect myself and others like me,  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, acknowledge that i am here, don’t be afraid. It takes me a lot of strength and courage to walk out of my house and to be at work amongst the seemingly “Normal”. I would rather hear “you look like a crazy lesbian or a hare krishna”, than to hear silence. It is okay to not know what to say, just look me in the eyes and I promise the words will come, heck i will even help.

I apologize if this comes off as a lecture, but being seen as an ‘ill” person (and I’m not talking about the RUN DMC type of “ill”) has given me so many new and crazy perspectives. My illness felt somewhat hidden beneath my wig and now that I am “out and about” i am experiencing the good and the bad of having “cancer in the building”.  Initially, I thought pretending like nothing has changed or that  i’m not present would be awesome, but no, it is very isolating and at times hurtful. It can feel like I have a plague. So, please say hello, i promise i won’t bite (much) and nobody will get hurt.

Heaps of love to you all and the finish line is oh so near! And to clarify- Yes i am a girl.
While i have dabbled in Buddhism, i don’t consider myself Buddhist. 🙂


PS Jason and I are working on some time lapse photography of my hair growth, so stay tuned.

Feb. 26- 5 months of chemo ends!!! Rootbeer float to celebrate.

don't mess

don't mess

back on the bike

back on the bike

March 26: out-patient surgery for reconstruction goes well. Recovering at home.

May: Honeymoon in Greece!!!!


Finding normal.